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San Mateo Presbyterian Church

Burning of the PAID IN FULL Mortgage for The Potter’s House

San Mateo Presbyterian Church had an official “burning of the mortgage note” on January 13, 2013. The mortgage was actually paid off in November of 2012, but with the all holiday celebrations, we decided to hold the ceremony in January. Reverend Noel & Betty Jane White attended, and Rev. Noel gave the service that day […]


Butterfly Garden Plaque Dedicated to Rev. Noel & Betty Jane White

A beautiful bronze plaque mounted on Florida limestone rock was put in place in the Butterfly Garden and dedicated to Rev. Noel and Betty Jane White. The Butterfly Garden was officially dedicated to Rev. Noel and Betty Jane in May of 2012 at their retirement service, but the plaque was not in place at that […]


Christmas Nativity Scene December 2012

We had a beautiful and simply stunning Nativity Scene this year, made possible by the efforts of many of our church’s congregation. Members of our talented congregation donated and/or purchased the plywood, others purchased the patterns and supplies, others cut all the wood into life size figures, painted and primed it, and we had a […]


Church Organization of Elders, Deacons, & Trustees



Dear Congregation, We Would Like Your Help!

Dear Congregation, Happy Spring! We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having. As you have noticed around the grounds of the Church, the Building and Grounds Committee is busy improving and enhancing the landscaping at the church: 1) The sprinklers have been repaired & replaced and new valves put into place, and […]


5th Sunday of the Month – Day of Praise and Singing

The 5th Sunday of the Month is our church’s Day of Praise and Singing Hymn Fest, with most of the service comprised of songs and hymns from both our choir and our church’s congregation. San Mateo Presbyterian Church is proud and honored to have such talent in such a small rural church located inSan Mateo,FL, […]


Anderson Hall Youth Center Work Day



New Outdoor Activity Center Constructed

You have probably noticed by now that the old, worn out, broken down, rotting out, covered with a black plastic tarp activity area between Anderson Hall & The Potter’s House is no longer there. It has been demolished and replaced with a new aluminum covered patio and shed area that will be far more functional […]


Flowers of the Church, Spring is in Bloom!

CAN YOU SPOT THE BLACK AND BLUE BUTTERFLY IN THESE PHOTOS OF THE BOTTLE BRUSH TREE? Spring is in the air, and if have taken a walk around the church, you will see the gardens in new bloom for the spring: Yellow Daisies, Passion Flower Vine, Purple Heather, Blue Daze, Irises, Red Bottle Brush Tree, […]


Janie Register & Charlie Baird Locally Honored in Palatka Daily News Applause March 22, 2012

Our members Janie Register and Charlie Baird were recently honored by their respective organizations and were featured in the Palatka Daily News Applause section of the newspaper. Our congratulations go out to both Janie and Charlie for their long time commitment to our community and the Armed Forces. CONGRATULATIONS JANIE & CHARLIE!!!  

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