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Easter Sunday Services 2013

      The congregation of San Mateo Presbyterian Church wants to thank all of those members and guests who donated lilies for the Church Sanctuary Easter Sunday Services: The children of our church performed their Bell Choir during Easter Sunday services to the delight of everyone in the congregation. ENJOY!      


Advent 2012


Easter Sunday Services 2012

Easter Sunday services were a beautiful expression of the Love that God has for his children, for all people on Earth. The Sanctuary was filled with beautiful Easter Lilies donated by members of the congreation in honor or in memory of a loved one. The children sang wonderfully in the spirit of Love. Pastor Noel […]


Good Friday Services 2012

Good Friday services were held at the Church Sanctuary at 7 PM. The church was dimly lit, and the cross was hung with a black drape. All flowers and greenery were removed to symbolize the sorrow of Christ dying on the Cross for us. An emotional service was held with the Stations of the Cross […]


Palm Sunday 2012

Palm Sunday was a beautiful celebration of Christ arriving with a parade of palms and joyous cheers. The children of the church paraded around the pews waving beautiful palms furnished by Inaree and Hank Evans. ALLELUIA!