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Our CHAOS youth group took a trip to Disney’s Night of Joy.  Night of Joy is a nighttime event for two nights only per year at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  This year we were blessed to have 18 youth and adults join in the fun!  Here are some of the photos from our adventures with some of the captions from our Facebook page

Photo: There is NO youth Sunday school tomorrow sept. 7th due to the AWESOME time we're having at night of joy!

^^Mrs. Andi says: There is NO youth sunday school tomorrow sept 7 due to the AWESOME time we’re having at Night of Joy

Photo: So far our night of joy experience has consisted of a. Hurt finger at dinner and a downpour as soon as we got to the magic kingdom.  Prayers that it stops soon so we can enjoy this night and its not cancelled!!

above: Logan Siprell, Hunter & Colby Poupore, Christina Ayala & Madison Fretwell.  We are completely soaked to the bone after torrential rains flooded the ground for nearly an hour as SOON as we got to the Magic Kingdom.

up to this point we experienced a hurt finger at dinner, a minor fender-bender after dinner (no one was injured) and a monsoon.  Many prayers were sent up for a fun rest of the night. Our CHAOS group was fantastic, energetic and had great attitudes. A couple of them even showed up to church with Mrs Andi and Mrs Amy despite having gotten home at 4am! Troopers!!