Worship Committee

Below are some examples of Worship Services that happen at San Mateo Pres.


Worship is central to the entire fellowship of San Mateo Presbyterian Church. It is our belief that the real church relationship begins here. Worship is seen as the celebration of the goodness of life, while recognizing the weakening influences present in the world and within each of us. Music is an integral part of our worship, and a variety of congregational songs are used including praise songs, gospel music, traditional music and well known hymns of the faith. There is special music in every service, including the choir, soloists, duets and the like. Each Sunday morning worship service includes what most churches call “The Children’s Sermon”. This is the Pastors’ special time to share with the children, although the adults enjoy this part of the service as well. That is why we call it “The Time Mostly For The Children”.

Every effort is made to give the worship services continuity and meaning. The messages are called “The Sharing of the Good News,” and often, during the year, there are special series of messages. In September and during Lent, small groups meet to study and discuss the scriptures on which the messages are based and often offer suggestions for the messages. Each Sunday, the following week’s topic is listed in the bulletin and Scripture references are given to aid the congregation in preparing for the following week’s worship experience.


The choir lifts us up and sets the tone for the services and sermons.  Led by Lulu Gail Griffis, the choir is made up of members of the church that have been called to uplift the word of God with song.  Often there are soloists and other musical accompaniments but mostly the choir offers praise to the Lord with Hymns we all know and love.  Practices for the choir are typically held each Wednesday @ 6pm except during the summer.


The Praise team is a group of many rotating folks offering worship music with more contemporary genres and many musical instruments including keyboard, drums, guitar, etc.  All that have musical gifts and passion for praise are welcome to participate.


San Mateo Presbyterian Church observes two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion. Both are re-enactments of our Lord’s death on the cross. Because of His death, Christians who accept Him as Lord and Savior of their lives are forgiven of their sins and promised the gift of eternal life through His resurrection and power. On the first Sunday of each month, our Lord’s Last Supper is celebrated, as the elders serve the congregation the elements of communion, symbolizing the body and blood of our Lord.


This worship opportunity is a very meaningful tradition in our church family and the attendance increases each year. A variety of approaches have been followed, including “The Tenebrae, a service of darkness”, Holy Communion in groups of 12, symbolizing the 12 disciples eating with Christ on the night before he was crucified, and many others. In order to understand the joy the disciples and followers of Jesus experienced on Easter Sunday morning, this worship experience is a must.


A regular part of the morning worship experience is called “The Time Mostly For The Children”. After the Morning Prayer, children are invited to come to the front of the sanctuary for their special time together. Topics of interest and value to the children are discussed.


A huge undertaking and responsibility of providing visual aids on the screen for services and special events as well as proper sound adjustments.  During worship service this person will be in the back of the sanctuary continually monitoring the sound board and computer generated slides that provide words for prayers, hymns and praise songs.  We need people willing to learn about this equipment and to help!  It’s not as scary as it seems, we promise.


One of the best opportunities for spiritual growth is through small group participation through bible or book study in the Fall.  Small groups will be formed to study in depth various themes and scriptures. Sometimes the groups will study the sermon topics for the following Sunday worship, which is generally a series. Sometimes the groups will study particular scriptures as they relate to a theological issue. since the beginning of the Christian movement, small groups have been one of the strongest avenues for support, spiritual growth, and deeper

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Graduation Recognition

Each year for Mother’s and Father’s day we like to recognize all the women and men of the church with a special small gift and bible verse or quote to thank them all for being “mother’s” and “father’s” to all our children as they are part of the church family.

The weekend before high school graduation we recognize our Seniors for the achievements, hear their plans for the future and honor them with a gift of support and inspiration as they embark upon their own journey to self discovery.

Other areas of responsibility of the Worship Committee also include:

– Ringing of the Church  (Yes, it really does work!) to signify beginning of Sunday School and Worship Service

– organize Greeters, Acolytes and Flower Arrangements for the Worship Services