Posted by Smpc1

After a very successful and totally AWESOME Vacation Bible School, the children, helpers, and teachers celebrated with a water play day after church services on Sunday, July 29, 2012. Dominic Piscitello grilled delicious hot dogs in the outside activity area while his lovely wife Tracy coordinated the side dishes inside Potter’s House, with a lot of help from the volunteers. A feast was prepared for the children and any one who wanted to join them.

The children played water sports, tug-of-war, cooled off in wading pools with sprayers, water balloons, and all sorts of other fun activitites to build up their appetities for the feast that the adults had prepared for them. And the adults got into the fun as well, many of them getting very wet! But on a hot day that it was, it really felt refreshing.

Tracy and Dom Piscitello are to be congratulated on gathering up such fine volunteers and for putting together many fun activities for the children of our church as well as the surrounding churches and the community!